With an aim to diversify our business model and create additional streams of income, GS Holdings Limited has expanded our business model with new ventures in the F&B business and the provision of Branding, Operation and Procurement (“BOP”) services.


GS Holdings Limited operates various food courts/food centres and a halal eating house located in Singapore as well as a famous chicken rice restaurant under the “Sing Swee Kee” brand name.

In addition to operating F&B establishments, the Group is also involved in developing and managing new and existing F&B brands, concepts and franchises. With an experienced team in branding and franchising to spearhead new growth opportunities in Singapore and Asia, the Group has entered into a franchise agreement to launch our halal chicken rice brand, RASA CHICKEN by SING SWEE KEE, in Brunei in November 2019.

To further expand our F&B business presence, the Group has entered into various joint ventures to undertake businesses in the development, franchising and management of various F&B brands, in China as well as Southeast Asia markets.

Branding, Operation and Procurement (“BOP”) Services

Through our subsidiary, Wish Hospitality Holdings Private Limited, the Group provides branding, operation and procurement services to our clients in China, particularly to companies that are in the F&B and health-care industry.

The BOP Business entails, among others, the provision of BOP services relating to

  1. branding management,
  2. operational support,
  3. central procurement,
  4. recruitment, customised training and development of human resource.

The Group will be providing the BOP services “under one roof”, which offers clients a comprehensive and integrated solution to their business needs, and confers them with the following advantages:

  1. the Group, as BOP service provider, can assist clients to secure more contracts and/or to gain more customers through the branding and marketing services and referrals provided by the Group, by leveraging on the Group’s extensive business network;
  2. the clients can achieve cost savings through bulk purchasing and shared business services which will be sourced and coordinated by the Group as the BOP service provider;
  3. the Group provides public relation services by assisting the client in the management of its media, roadshow and marketing matters, as well as liaising with local authorities and regulatory bodies relevant to the client’s business; and
  4. the BOP services is convenient and time-efficient for the clients, as it limits the number of service providers the clients have to communicate with, as the Group will be taking the lead in coordinating all services that are to be provided to the clients.

BOP Services

GS Holdings Limited’s subsidiary, Wish Hospitality Holdings Private Limited (“Wish”), provides BOP Services by leveraging on our extensive experience and industry knowledge.

Expansion in the F&B Industry

GS Holdings Limited currently operates various food courts/food centres and a halal eating house located in Singapore as well as a famous chicken rice restaurant under the “Sing Swee Kee” brand name.

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