Food & Beverage

Food is an important part of our daily life and it essential to the very fabric
of the cities and communities is where we live

An Integral Part of Economy

The F&B industry is closely connected to the general economic outlook and the increasing affluence in any country

Outlook for the F&B Industry is Expected to Remain Positive in the Long Term

Supported by the growing affluence and rising hectic lifestyles among consumers in Asia

Creating Strong F&B Brands


A great tasting, differentiated product is essential, but it is just the start of building a strong F&B brand.


Understanding our core audience, building product pricing and formulating location strategies around the brand, we continuously reinforce the brand story around the quality and integrity of the brands under our portfolio.

Developing F&B Franchises


F&B franchising is a proven and established approach of expanding a business internationally.


Partnering with high quality local partners, we look forward to expand our F&B franchises beyond Singapore.

Franchising Opportunities

Sing Swee Kee

Sing Swee Kee (新瑞记) is a heritage Hainanese chicken rice brand in Singapore, popular among Singaporeans and tourists for its tender chicken meat, signature chilli sauce and fragrant chicken rice

Raffles Coffee

Raffles Coffee (瑞福咖啡) infuses traditional Nanyang-style coffee with distinctive branding and modern processes to create a unique brand and taste within Asia’s coffee culture

For Franchise Opportunities

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F&B Operations

Singapore is a small country but it is world-famous for its incredible diversity of food, particularly its delicious street food, which originates from its rich heritage of different cultures.

With steady population growth, increase in consumer affluence and busier schedules in Singapore, these have driven the demand for fast, affordable and convenient meals in F&B establishments such as food courts and coffee shops.

The Group operates various food courts/food centres and a halal eating house located in Singapore as well as a famous chicken rice restaurant under the “Sing Swee Kee” brand name.

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