Mr Chong first joined the Group in March 2018 as the Financial Controller and was promoted to Chief Financial Officer in March 2019. He is responsible for all the financial and accounting functions and corporate matters of the Company and the Group.

Mr Chong has more than 25 years of working experience gained in different industries with various corporations and public listed companies in Singapore and overseas. Mr Chong graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy degree.


Ms Pang joined the Group as Special Projects Manager in 2015 and was promoted to Director of Operations in June 2018.

As Director of Operations, Ms Pang is responsible for the overall planning, operations management and business development of our Group’s food and beverages business.

Ms Pang has previous experience in the food and beverage industry, managing a chain of food kiosks.

Ms Pang graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences from National University of Singapore and holds a Masters of Social Sciences in Professional Counselling from Swinburne of Technology Australia.

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